Employment First

2mike-jonesEmployment First refers to the affirmation in local, state, and federal public policies and practices that employment in integrated settings at minimum wage or higher with commensurate benefits is a priority objective and preferred outcome of publicly-funded services provided to citizens with disabilities, regardless of disability. It is based upon a core set of principles and practices that promote individualized planning and support for employment options.

In Wisconsin, the Board for Persons with Developmental Disabilities and Wisconsin APSE, along with People First and other organizations, are partnering to lead our state’s Employment First Intiaitive. This state-wide effort to expand the infrastructure of the Employment First Initiative includes the development of an Employment First Coalition to assist with public policy recommendations and overall project oversight and Community Action Teams, Employment First Outreach Partners, and Employment First Ambassadors to implement practices and raise awareness around the state to increase the number of people with disabilities working in their communities.

For more information, visit the Wisconsin Employment First website at: www.wiemploymentfirst.com

Also visit APSE’s Employment First web site, including an interactive map of state Employment First efforts: www.apse.org/employmentfirst