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APSE is a national and state membership organization that focuses exclusively on improving and advancing integrated employment opportunities, outcomes, and services for people with disabilities.

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WI APSE members play a vital role connecting disability and business communities.

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Learn About Employment First

Employment First is a national movement. 32 states have become Employment First states and Wisconsin is not far behind. Click on the Employment First tab to learn more.

If you believe...

- That people with disabilities are contributing members in their communities.
- That everyone deserves the opportunity to find and develop his or her best talents and contributions.
- That businesses benefit from employees who are enthusiastic and well-matched to their business needs.
- That local economies benefit when workers purchase more goods and services and pay taxes.
- That many of us need assistance to find our talents and ways to use them in our communities.
- That dedicated, well-trained employment service providers can effectively match individual worker talents with business needs.
- That workers, families, businesses, schools, employment agencies and entire communities CAN come together to include people with   disabilities as productive members in the workplace.

If so, then you believe in Employment First. Join us to advance this vision for all.