How Are We Dealing With Change?

How Are We Dealing With Change? – By Gary Ormsbee, WI APSE Board Member

Right now it seems that the only thing that you can count on is that things are going to change.

We are looking at some of the most sweeping changes ever in WIOA and how it affects Disability Employment. I know that many people have strong opinions about many of these changes and I’m not here to address that debate.  We await the final budget outcomes and that could surely change how we do business. Once again all of this is in the political arena so I won’t begin to debate what’s right or wrong on that matter either.

I’m more interested in where are all of us in trying to find the common ground that we share, and how we are dealing with the change we all are going to face? More on that matter later.

Many times through the necessity and inevitability of change, great inventions came about which had such a positive impact on mankind that they helped to bring about a total revolution in the way that mankind did things. An example of this would be the industrial revolution, where there were so many creative minds working individually inventing ways to manufacture and to create things that it impacted production and processing of most goods leading to the assembly lines and then to more automation . The efforts were not together at first but as time went on, you had the creation of the telephone,   the electric light bulb, and automobile and it seemed like the people involved were each in theory at least working toward some commonality.

What does all this have to do with our niche, with the work we do, integrated employment?   I’m curious how many of us are preparing for what will surely be major sweeping changes. These are changes that could severely impact our bottom lines and dictate how we go in to the future. I’m sure most of the businesses that provide services to people with disabilities are looking at new and innovative ways they can offer services. This is a time when we need to reach out across the aisles and look at the commonalities we share and what we might be doing that our counterparts aren’t, and begin to share those ideas.

It wasn’t a spirit of sole proprietorship that pushed us forward in our past; it was the willingness to collaborate, to work together despite differences to push one another forward as a nation. The willingness to stand or fall, succeed or fail together that brought us forth. There are a lot of people with great ideas, who when asked may be more than willing to share them. It’s getting to this spirit of collaboration that I believe is what WI-APSE is all about.

As we are putting together our breakout sessions for our upcoming WI-APSE Conference, “Reel Work, Reel Pay” October 12-13, 2015  ,Kalahari Resort Wisconsin Dells  consider if you might have such an idea, one that might have an impact on other people beyond the ones you serve. If you think you would have such an idea go to our website, and

click Training and Events. There you can download a Request for Proposal form, fill it out and send it in. We want your great ideas! You have until July 30th; the rules are listed on the form.

Let’s change the world together!

Gary Ormsbee-APSE Board Member